Un-Resolved: A Resolution to Stop Resolving to Lose Weight
By Margaret Renkl
Nashville Scene, 30 December 2015

The American ideal of reinvention, of becoming a new creature simply by deciding to be one, is both a delusion and a kind of seduction. It’s also a delusion I embrace, a deceitful seduction I fall for every time, despite the fact that for me — as for virtually everyone else — making New Year’s resolutions is an exercise in failure.

When I was younger, these flops weren’t so obvious because my resolutions took a mostly unquantifiable form. I would vow to be patient, to behave more kindly toward annoying people, to listen in conversations without waiting for an opportunity to jump in, to turn my whole body away from the computer when someone I love enters the room. When I was younger, apparently, I just wanted to be a better person.

Lately what I want is to be somewhat less of a person.